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WIP Introduction

The following page contains work in progress note and in some cases screenshots of Project Tempest, these notes do not apply to the current release(s) of Project Tempest and are here to show you that we are working hard on the project.

All notes are dated and in some cases the information on this page might be out of date, this does not mean we are not actively developing Project Tempest but rather there is nothing significant enough to post on this page at the moment.

Development Notes & Screen Shots


Notes Screenshots
23rd October 2002 (11.30pm) Preliminary AlienvPredator support has begun, doesnt crash upon loading as the previous version, however after this screen (see right) the emulator hangs and does nothing. But its a start :) AlienvPredator1
23rd October 2002 (11.40pm) AlienvPredator now shows the title screen along with options. AlienvPredator2
23rd October 2002 (11.50pm) AlienvPredator title screen now looks perfect. AlienvPredator3
23rd October 2002 (11.57pm) AlienvPredator now shows ingame gfx and is playable!! AlienvPredator4


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