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Before You Download

Welcome to the download area, before you go zooming to the files we recommend that you download and install the following programs:

Winzip (For PCs) / Stuffit Expander (For Apple Macintosh/Linux/Solaris)

All releases of Project Tempest are in the popular ZIP file format and will need to be uncompressed before you can enjoy the emulator.



Project Tempest v0.5 Improved blitter emulation - Improved sound and video system
Project Tempest v0.4 Sound in some games! - New HLE blitter! - More Fixes!
Project Tempest v0.3 More Blitter tweaking - Fixed some OP bugs - Removed Boot Rom options - Alien v Predator playable - Halloween Version!
Project Tempest v0.20 New Games Working! - Joystick Bug Fixed! - New Blitter Code!
Project Tempest v0.15 DX8 Problems - Fixed, Line-Based Renderer added and Controller Support!
Project Tempest v0.12 Video Attributes rewritten for DX8. Fullscreen option added.
Project Tempest v0.11 Fixes Video Corruption problems.
Project Tempest v0.1 This is the first release of Project Tempest.
Brutal Sports Football Fix The current rom released is incorrect, this fix will allow it to be playable on Project Tempest..


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